Privacy Policy

The privacy policy will help you with the understanding of the magnet ideas and will also protect the data that you are providing to us. So when you visit and use, we always reserve the rights for changing the policy at any given time, and we will make sure to update you regarding the same. If you want us to make sure that you are completely up to date with the latest changes, we always advise you to frequently visit our page.

What user data we collect:

When you are visiting the website, we will collect

  • your data like your IP address
  • Other information like the preferences and interest
  • Your contact information alongside your email address
  • Data profile regarding the online behavior you present on our website

Why we collect your data:

We will always be collecting your data for several reasons. They are as follows:

  • For an understanding of the needs of the consumers
  • For the improvement of the services and products
  • For sending the promotional emails containing the information that we think you will find interesting or relevant
  • For contacting you to fill the survey while participating in the other types of the market research
  • For the customization of the website according to the online behavior as your personal preferences

Safeguarding and securing the data is always committed to securing the data and also keeping it confidential. We will make sure that there won’t be any chances of data theft or unauthorized access, or disclosure under any circumstances. By the implementation of the latest technologies and software, we can safeguard you at all times.

Our cookie policy

Once you agree to allow the website, we use cookies to also agreeing to use the data that we can collect regarding your online behavior. Besides, we will take a note of analysis of the web traffic, web pages that you are spending the most time on, and a website that you are visiting. The data that we collect by using the cookies is the one that will be finding customization on the website for the various needs.

After we use the data for the statistical analysis, we will make sure to remove it from our system. Please note that the cookies don’t allow us to gain control of the device you are using in any way. They are always monitoring the pages you find useful and which you do not. Such data can provide you with a better experience.

If you want to disable the cookies, you can also do so by getting access to the internet browser settings.

Links to other websites

Our website will contain links to other websites. Besides, we also consider our website as a part of affiliate marketing. If you’re clicking on any of the links, we won’t be responsible for the data and the privacy protection for visiting those websites. Our privacy policy agreement doesn’t govern it. Always make sure that you are reading the privacy policy documentation before going ahead with having a look at the different pages on our website.

The restriction of collection of your personal data

At some point, you will wish to restrict the use and collection of personal data. You can also do that by involving the following:

When you fill the forms on the website, always check if there is a box that you can leave unchecked. If you don’t want to disclose your personal information, you can take this attempt. If you have already agreed to share the information with us, you can still feel to always contact us by means of email, and we will be happy to assist you in the way that you want. Magnetproductsreview will never lease, sell, or distribute personal information to any of the third parties unless we are taking your permission. We might sometimes need to disclose when the law forces us to do so. We will always use your personal information only for sending the promotional features if you agree to the privacy policy.