How to Remagnetize a Magnet? – The Step-wise Method

How to Remagnetize a Magnet?
How to Remagnetize a Magnet?

How to remagnetize a magnet?

Magnets tend to lose some magnetic force, which means that they lose the capability of holding as much weight as they bear first. That said, magnets become useless for the application after some time. So now the question is how to remagnetize a magnet?

Remagnetize a magnet by keeping it in contact with a strong magnet. When you have the weakened magnet, carefully hold it in contact with a strong neodymium magnet. The process is beneficial to make the weakened magnet regain magnetic force.

How to recharge a magnet?: the stepwise procedure

How to recharge a magnet?
How to recharge a magnet?

Take a weakened magnet and touch one of its poles to the opposite pole of a strong neodymium magnet. Also, look for a clear indication of the two poles. Also, pay attention to differentiating the South Pole from the north pole. Be careful while you’re using very powerful neodymium magnets. The strongest neodymium magnets indeed find use in modern applications in industry, production, manufacturing, science, but at the same time, they become too strong to handle.

How do you recharge a magnet? When you have the neodymium magnet, find out which end is the North Pole and the south pole. Bringing a compass near neodymium magnets North Pole means that the needle will be pointing towards the south. Holding it near the South Pole proves that it will be pointing north. Utilize this similar method for the magnet you want to remagnetize. Colour mark the poles with different colors for better identification.

After just identifying the poles of both of the magnets, take a weakened magnet and touch the northern pole with the south pole of the neodymium magnet. Then, repeat the process in reverse. In that case, make sure of taking the south pole of a weakened magnet for touching the north pole of the neodymium magnet.

What makes magnets lose their power?

Magnets lose power over time due to the degradation. Incorrectly storing or powerful hits makes the magnet lose some power. When you want the power of the magnet to last, handle it with care. Besides, it is worth noting that storing multiple magnets leads magnetism to go in several directions, leading to weakening your magnet.

Again, temporary magnet remains magnetized for only a small time interval and loses magnetization when released from the electric field or powerful magnet in contact. Soft materials with low magnetic properties such as annealed iron or steel in temporary magnets makes it lose the power.

Obtaining the materials for remagnetizing

Obtaining the materials for remagnetizing
Obtaining the materials for remagnetizing

When you’re questioning how do you remagnetize a magnet, you must also consider what materials you need for the process. Always start the process with the involvement of the neodymium magnet, made of neodymium, iron, and boron. Purchase them through an online portal. Also, look for magnetic polarity, north, and south. But, do not pick the strongest neodymium magnets because the extreme magnetic field sometimes makes them dangerous to handle.

Placing a compass close to the magnet will indicate the polarity. During the process, you can notice that the needle of the compass point directly south in case you bring it close contact with the north pole of the neodymium magnet. Moreover, you can also mark it using a felt-tipped marker to label the north and south poles for future use.  

Positioning poles properly

When you’re questioning how to remagnetize a magnet, remember to start with touching the magnet’s north pole to remagnetize to the south pole of the neodymium magnet. Now go with repeating the process. But at this time, choose to touch the south pole of the magnet to be remagnetized to the north pole of the neodymium magnet. Repeat this step several times.

Scopes, when you can remagnetize a magnet


How to remagnetize magnets? You can re-magnetize a magnet by rubbing a neodymium pole against the opposite pole of the old magnet. Repeat this step to get the desired effect.

You can also choose to remagnetize the magnet when you’ve hit or stored it incorrectly. Cobalt samarium magnet presents the fact that it starts naturally losing 1% of its magnetic capabilities over 10 years.

Make sure that right after re-magnetizing a magnet, store inaccurately. That said, follow the pattern that the north pole of one magnet should be against the south pole of the next. Such a storage method ensures the preservation of their magnetic strength.

Storing them in a random jumble or similar poles makes magnets deteriorate relatively quickly. At such times, it becomes necessary to consider repeating the process to re-magnetize a magnet.

A highlight on flexible magnet

Compared to neodymium magnets, flexible magnets do not hold the composition of rare earth elements. 

The mix of ferrite powder with a rubber or polymer resin can give the needed results. Magnet material dust into a flexible plastic sheet can give the needed results as well.

Flexible magnet remagnetisation

flexible magnet
flexible magnet

Flexible magnet material is not as strong as a neodymium magnet. Pull force which is one of the many magnetic properties, is weaker than a neodymium magnet. That said, it’s worth noting that the neodymium magnet is 7-20 times stronger than a flexible magnet when you take both samples of the same size. In some cases, this number can be even higher.

How to recharge a magnet? Rubbing a strong magnet across a magnetic strip works, and this happens because the strip’s coercivity proves below. Flexible magnets have low coercivity and so find influence by a powerful neodymium magnet.

Flexible magnets find magnetization in alternating patterns. So, polarity keeps changing when you’re moving to different positions.  

For flexible magnets, always go ahead with making the strip go with the alternating pattern. For that, you will have to consider stacking a bunch of thin disc as well as the ring magnets together. Keep that in an arranged manner for noticing whether they’re repelling one another or not. 

Such a process will be making a strong magnetic field along the edge of the stack.

Rolling or sliding a flexible magnet against this stack of neodymium magnets means that the flexible magnet will be witnessing the strong magnetic field aligning in the directions. 

As soon as the stack of neodymium magnets slides away, the flexible magnet then retains the magnetization in those directions.

Take a new flexible magnet and consider noticing the alternating fields using a green viewing film.

Now go ahead with wiping a relatively large neodymium magnet across the face, giving rise to changing the magnetization direction and eliminating the pattern.

Now just proceed towards rolling a stack of ring magnets across it.

Such a method can lead to the development of new patterns.

Flexible magnet manufacturers favor utilizing the pattern of long stripes, which makes it easy to quickly magnetize big sheets. All you will have to do is to roll the sheet across the neodymium magnets. With that, you will get the results.

For making things a little more interesting, just go with the consideration of the other patterns. 

Alternating patterns provide good strength.  

For magnetizing a magnet, go with placing the magnet in the center of an electromagnet. Do so with the help of the specimen aligned the way you want the polarity.

Whenever you’re using the electromagnet for the process, see that there is a quite large current-carrying capacity to magnetize magnetic materials. However, there is a limitation to the way you wound wires before they get hot. Using a spiral stack of copper plates that are referred to as bitter coil helps. Note that the high current pulse comes from numerous large capacitors.

How to store magnets correctly?

Magnets can be very different from each other, and they require different things. Some magnets are more sensitive than others and in this regard, you must know your magnets, and the material they are made of to store them correctly.

Consider four basic things to store your magnets: heat, shock, moisture, and demagnetization.

Always store your magnets at room temperature. When your magnets are exposed to constant heat, chances are high that may get their power affected. How much heat a magnet can withstand depends on the specific magnet.

Keep your magnets away from mechanical shocks including hard strikes of any kind. Carefully handle your magnets, and avoid dropping them or banging them!

Store your magnets in a dry place, to ensure that they are protected from any kind of moisture. Neodymium magnets are especially vulnerable to moisture.

When you have several types of magnets, store them separately. A magnet keeper helps in this objective.

How do you remagnetize metal?

For magnetizing a metal, there is a need to rub the metal to magnetize in one direction over the existing magnet. The method serves as the quickest way to magnetize metal causing the non-magnetized metal to polarize and turn into a magnet. The attraction and force, are not too strong over time.


How to remagnetize a neodymium magnet?

There are certain steps that these magnets undergo, like mining, melting, milling, pressing, and sintering, before activation of the magnetic energy. During pressing, the particles get aligned, thus giving them a designated direction or pole.

How long does it take to remagnetize a magnet?

The time it takes for remagnetizing a magnet is between ten seconds and five minutes. 

How to remagnetize a magnetic strip?

Find a strong magnet. Now take the magnetic, rub that magnet 50 times along each side of the gaskets. But remember doing so all in the same direction. This method is capable of remagnetizing the strips and restoring the seal.

How to remagnetize a magnetic screwdriver?

The stronger the magnet, the easier it is to magnetize the screwdriver. Remove any grime. Rub it against the magnetic screwdriver in one direction. Repeat this several times.

How to remagnetize a magneto rotor?

Make contact and charge all the poles on the rotor simultaneously. Try to match the size of the magnets with the pole face. Go with rare-earth permanent magnets.

How to remagnetize a compass?

Start with placing your compass on a flat surface. Make sure that it is facing upward and with the needle floating freely. Now consider picking a rare-earth/neodymium magnet for re-magnetizing the compass needle and reversing polarity. You need to consider this step so that the compass needle once again points to the magnetic north.

Are the flexible magnets as strong as neodymium magnets?

No. They do not hold a similar strength to a neodymium magnet. Besides, pull force is weaker than a neodymium magnet. Depending on measuring it, a neodymium magnet tends to be roughly 7-20 times stronger than a flexible magnet. In some cases, the number goes even higher.

How to remagnetize a magnet bracelet?

A stronger magnet will help in re-magnetizing it. That said, you will need to stick the magnets from the bracelet to the appropriate ends of the magnet for the process to start. Heating the object above curie temperature and then allowing it to cool in a magnetic field gives the needed results. Then, just go on with hammering it as it cools. Effective processes used to create permanent magnets give amazing results. It’s worth noting that placing the item in an external magnetic field results in retaining some of the magnetism.

How to remagnetize a magneto?

For recharging magneto magnets, you will have to remagnetize a magnet by holding it near the strong magnet. So, whenever you have the weakened magnet, carefully bring it to contact with a strong neodymium magnet. That said, with this method, you can make your weakened magnet regain magnetic force.

How to remagnetize a horseshoe magnet?

First of all, consider placing the horseshoe magnet on top of the charger’s coils. But, in the process, pay attention that the magnet’s poles are leaning in opposite directions from the charger’s poles. Also, place the magnet’s north pole over the charger’s south pole and vice versa. Next, consider charging the magnet for 1 minute. Then, open and close the switch between the coils. This will give you the needed results. There’s an alternative to it.

Sticking the horseshoe magnet to some strong magnets also gives the needed results. To continue with the process, just consider taking a horseshoe magnet and magnetizing it in the opposite direction. Then do that back again. Remember that the neodymium magnets can overpower and remagnetize a horseshoe magnet.

How to remagnetize fridge magnet?

A strong neodymium magnet re-magnetizes the weaker, flexible fridge magnet completely in new directions. That said, strong neodymium magnets can work re-magnetizing the flexible magnets. For example, consider taking a neodymium magnet and rub it across the flexible magnet. Such a method can work for changing the flexible magnet’s magnetization direction.

Final words

You’ve got to know how to remagnetize a magnet. Then, follow the steps appropriately to get the needed results. However, in the remagnetizing process, make sure that you’re not using too strong neodymium magnets.

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